What must one pay attention to while choosing central heating boiler?

You must consider heat losses of your house while choosing central heating boiler. You must pay attention to the following matters: Your flat will have different heating requirements since heat loss will be less in case insulation exists in the building where your flat is located. Heat insulation is the biggest factor providing saving in fuel consumption. It is not right to associate m² area of your flat with heat loss individually. In addition to size of your house, you must also consider the exterior area it has, and ceiling height. Façade of your building affects heat losses directly. Buildings with northern façade have higher heat loss than buildings with façade in other directions. Position of your flat within the building and the fact that upper and lower flats are empty or full, are factors that affect heat loss. Flats, which are located in mezzanines, and upper and lower floors of which are full, have less heat loss. Doors and windows in your house are critical points for heat loss. Number of your doors and windows, and their features such as surface area and thermal transmittance affect your heat requirements. Installation characteristics of your flat also affect heating performance. You must choose position and length of your radiators in line with the heat requirement of your house.