E.C.A. Boilers


From 100 lt to 3,000 lt

Coil type

Single / Double Coil


Fast Boiler

  • Single and double coil models
  • Cylindrical, vertical type
  • Warmmix series single and double coil product option from 100 lt to 400 lt
  • Single and double coil product option from 500 lt to 2000 lt
  • Possibility of integrated use with central heating systems, central heating coilers and/or solar energy systems
  • Double layer enamel coated inner surface and coil pipes
  • Protection against corrosion with magnesium anode
  • Thermometer showing the temperature of water inside the boiler
  • Boiler thermal insulation, polyurethane insulated with 50 mm thickness until 600 lt capacity, and 80 mm thickness in capacities equal to 800 and above
  • 1950 W resistance boiler option in Warmmix series boilers (must be specified with order)
  • 1950 W heater resistance as standard in models with capacities between 500 lt and 2000 lt.
  • TSEK and CE certified
  • 2 years warranty
Boiler Brochure

Boiler Brochure

Boiler CE

Boiler CE


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